Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Michael Jackson funeral arrangements still up in the air.

It seems the Jackson family has not yet shared funeral plans with the public. There were rumors circulating around the internet that the family planned a public viewing at Neverland Ranch. This was not confirmed by the family at the time, yet the media continued to advertise this, resulting in sold out hotels all over Santa Barbara, CA. During interviews with family lawyers to the media this week, the lawyers had said no plans were set in stone. I'd like to urge people to question the information they receive and to be vigilant against media inaccuracies (the reason I created this blog - to present fact from fiction). If anyone made plans for this occasion, they should have waited until the family themselves issued a statement.

Today, the media are reporting that a Jackson family "spokesperson" has issued the following statement, supposedly from the Jackson family:

"Contrary to previous news reports, the Jackson family is officially stating that there will be no public or private viewing at Neverland. Plans are underway regarding a public memorial for Michael Jackson, and we will announce those plans shortly."

As this individual was unnamed, and as many fake interviews and statements are circulating, I cannot confirm the accuracy of this report either way, and caution anyone who wanted to make plans to attend to wait for an official statement that can be confirmed (just because it's on CNN doesn't mean it's true. 'America's most trusted news source' has certainly taken many creative liberties in the past to fill in air time, sadly.

At PopSpiracy, we will continue to report the TRUTH as it happens.

On a personal note, I have mixed feelings about a Neverland ceremony or the notion that it might one day turn into a museum like Graceland. First of all, Elvis Presley lived at Graceland during the height of his career and life and lived there until the end. The decor, particularly in the upstairs room, hasn't been altered much at all and was much as he'd left it. Neverland Ranch is a shell of its former self at present. The items have been moved, sold, or are in storage facilities and in the hands of private collector's. To be able to recreate Neverland in it's hey-day (purchased in the late 80s, when Michael's career began a slight decline) would be extremely difficult. I do not believe rumors that he was supposed to be buried there, again, I'm sure the family will release details in due time. Michael apparently didn't leave specific wishes (at least none have yet turned up that were made public) so his family ultimately has the final say. Michael Jackson didn't live in Neverland when he died nor the last few years leading up to his tragic passing. I had the joy to visit Neverland when it was fully operational and Michael was alive and vibrant. It was a gorgeous place, and held a certain magic that simply can't be recreated. Graceland is the real thing, Neverland would be a recreation to try to assemble. Part of the magic of Neverland was Michael's influence and inspiration which could be felt in every corner of the ranch from it's decor and layout (you could see the perfectionism and long range of his genius to be able to create something so astounding). Sadly, Michael is gone, and so too is the spirit of Neverland Ranch, which is simply bare at present. The idea behind J.M. Barrie's Neverland was that it was a magical place where kids never had to grow up. Michael never got that chance, and I shudder to think of Neverland as a place of death. From a logical standpoint, it would be large enough to accomodate hundreds of thousands of people as it is a few thousand acres large. However, it's a long drive to the middle of nowhere, and would thus make a poor location for a museum. I'm sure people would make the trip, and the residents of Santa Barbara County who clearly moved out there for scenic beauty and a rest from the crowds would be might unhappy. I think any idea to create a museum or memorial for Michael Jackson is appropriate, but I don't know that this place would be a good choice. It didn't represent the finest years of his career or the happiest memories in the end, and it seems Michael himself had moved on from it quite some time ago.

Wherever Michael ends up, I hope it's a place where he can finally get the peace he deserves. Some part of me wishes for a burial at an undisclosed location (but I'm sure that would also be a source of rumors for years to come) or possibly an ash spreading at a secret place or ashes kept by the family, to retain the privacy he should have always had. The man is gone and owes the world nothing else, he gave all he had to give. I respect the family's wishes either way. I personally would hate to see his gravesite become a tourist attraction.

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