Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The nanny of Michael Jackson's children issues a statement, her 'interview' was fake.

Today's official statement from MJ's children's nanny, Grace Rwaramba:

“Michael Jackson was an exceptional Human Being. He was gifted, deeply compassionate and brought joy to the lives of so many. He loved his family dearly, and above all, his beautiful children.

In addition to being my employer over the past 17 years and entrusting the care of his beloved children to me, he was my dear friend. While our friendship had challenges, as do all friendships, he was loyal to the end. I cherish and honor his memory.

I am shocked, hurt and deeply saddened by recent statements the press has attributed to me, in particular, the outrageous and patently false claim that I “routinely pumped his stomach after he had ingested a dangerous combination of drugs". I don’t even know how to pump a stomach!! In addition, I have never spoken to the Times Online, the original source of the story that has now been picked up worldwide. The statements attributed to me confirm the worst in human tendencies to sensationalize tragedy and smear reputations for profit.

I convey my heartfelt and deepest condolences to Prince, Paris, Blanket and the entire Jackson family. The pain and sorrow I feel over the loss of Michael pales in comparison to what has been taken from them forever.”

-Grace Rwaramba

This was issued in response to a fake interview circulating in which Grace supposedly admitted she repeatedly pumped Michael Jackson's stomach, not allowing the children to see him on drugs, trying to stage an intervention between Michael and his family, and Michael's mother Katharine demanding the location of Michael's cash.

It's a shame these rumors and fake interviews continue to make rounds, we at PopSpiracy will keep reporting and standing by the FACTS, not rumors.

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John said...

Carla: Do you know which Times Online she's referring to? If that publication invented an interview with reputation-smearing comments that she never made, it's hard to imagine she wouldn't win a libel suit.