Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Why No Hurry to Nab Dr. Murray? And other Michael Jackson updates.

It's hard to believe, but Michael Jackson died in June and it's November. Someone please remind me why Dr. Conrad Murray isn't in jail yet.

The only talk to the effect of his arrest hasn't even been in relation to killing Michael Jackson, but rather locking him up for not paying child support. During the trials, police marched straight over to Neverland and handcuffed Michael and dragged him out of bed, throwing him in the slammer on someone's word alone immediately (he was cleared of any wrongdoing). Two autopsies have been performed, it has been confirmed that Dr. Murray's lethal dosage of Propofol killed Michael Jackson, and he's still going wherever he wants, doing as he pleases while Michael lies beneath the ground permanently. Hypocrisy much?

I realize it takes a while to build an investigation, but they did find the vials of Propofol and traced them back to him and appear to have all the proof they need. Regardless, does it take six months to make this connection? Why is everyone taking their sweet old time? Why does no one appear concerned about this whatsoever? FYI: Conrad Murray has been jailed before, for domestic violence.

As a fan and concerned citizen, I'm sad and disturbed by this, and I can't imagine how furious Michael's family and friends are. Naturally the media isn't bringing up any of these issues and just want to talk about all the people suing Jackson's estate.

I can't help but feel if this was any other celebrity, Dr. Murray would have been in jail overnight. I really shouldn't be surprised, yet I am. That Michael Jackson is the victim in this case does certainly change things. When the ambulance arrived after Michael's cardiac arrest, the LAPD didn't seal the crime scene, as they were supposed to in an event when the cause of death is unknown, especially in a situation with so many possibilities. Again, they failed to even suspect it could be a crime scene and didn't take the appropriate action to secure the evidence. After all, it's Michael Jackson.

Dr. Murray had the paramedics continue to give him CPR for an hour even though he was already dead before getting in the ambulance, and he staged a scene giving Michael CPR and calling his son Prince to watch, even though again, Michael was already dead. Can you imagine the psychological trauma that poor kid has to live with on top of what is inherently already going to be there? Then, Dr. Murray fled the scene and left his car there, and had the Propofol FedExed to his girlfriend. Naturally, the YouTube video came thereafter where he tried (and failed) to make himself a sympathetic character. Propofol shouldn't even be administered outside of a hospital setting under any circumstances, nonetheless to someone in relatively good health.

There is no reason this thing is still even going on, if anyone's even keeping up with it anymore. I truly hope justice prevails, no one deserves to die at the hands of another. I was sincerely hoping this case would blow the lid off of the multitude of criminal doctors who endlessly flood celebrities with any prescription they want for their own gain. Too many stars have died needlessly and a case of this magnitude truly had the opportunity to make a difference so this fate would not befall another. It would be nice to say one good thing came out of the tragedy, but it appears another golden opportunity was lost to do something truly noble.

I hate to even stoop to the level of addressing this, but TMZ's recent "article" suggests that Michael's accuser from 1993 was able to accurately describe in detail Michael's genitals. (This, by the way, is untrue. Michael was subjected to a thorough strip search and it was revealed the description was inaccurate, which also accounts for this 'evidence' not being introduced in court for the later case.) TMZ goes on to say that Michael's plastic surgeon Arnold Klein says the reason the boy could describe this (which again, he couldn't) was because Michael liked peeing in front of people. I really don't know how much money Dr. Klein is getting that he's galavanting around town on every news show with one BS story after another, but it's so sad to think someone Michael Jackson trusted so much was so pathetic. (If Dr. Klein did indeed say any of this). With the constant Dr. Klein interviews, it's safe to say they serve to distract the authorities and public from the fact that he was also responsible for prescribing Propofol and other drugs to Michael outside of his practice, something he has since admitted yet vehemently denied at the time of Michael's death. And, not surprising that TMZ is wasting everyone's time dragging up lame gossip that completely desecrates the memory of a fallen entertainer. For in-depth information on the trials (as I seriously hope I don't have to address any more ridiculousness regarding them, there is a post available on this page which provides any thought/analysis I have on the topic).

One more blog fact-check - Perez Hilton has been continuously reporting that "This Is It" is bombing at the box office and made $2 million dollars. It has made over $100 million worldwide in a week, hence the extended release. Perez also pointed out that Fandango is giving out tickets for $1, which, by the way, they do for new releases all the time.

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