Friday, October 02, 2009

Vitiligo: Confirmed

To debunk further rumors:

Michael Jackson's autopsy confirmed he did indeed suffer from the skin disease Vitiligo (refer to photographs from my Vitiligo post dated 2007). The autopsy also revealed that he was balding, something I suspected as when I saw MJ in 2004, he was wearing a clearly wearing a wig.

The autopsy showed him to be healthy otherwise with no other drugs/alcohol in his system other than what was injected, contrary to reports that he was too weak to perform. He was 5'9 and 136 lbs (light, but still considered normal). He had ostheoarthritis on a few fingers and his lower back and a healthy heart.

In other words, his skin disease was real (as we reported years ago), and he was healthy enough to perform. I hope that settles that once and for all, though as we know, rumors will always persist.

Oh, and the autopsy also revealed he was actively producing sperm. I certainly feel if this was any other celebrity it wouldn't have even been mentioned, I don't see any of Hollywood's leading ladies being questioned about their ovaries when they are parents, biologically or otherwise.

Yes, I did get tickets for 'This Is It' and can't wait to see Michael in action!

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