Monday, September 14, 2009

Pop-Culture-Sensation-I-Don't-Get Of The Day


If someone could please explain the appeal of these completely average stuffed animals, please explain. In the early 90s, Ty released these critters by the bucketload to frenzied fans and massive overhyping. Some people were willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for tiny beanie babies considered 'rare', which basically meant they had a slightly different color variation from a few others, turning Ty into a multi-billion dollar business.

Years later, you literally can't give these suckers away. I used to work for a facility that bought used-but-mint condition Beanie Babies from customers who had stockpiled them for years thinking they would retire on their collection. Naturally, we bought the majority for about a dollar (and that was generous). I'll never forget their faces when they excitedly mentioned one was rare and we handed them a dollar bill. Some people literally had thousands. Even the rarest ones weren't anywhere near as valuable as they hoped and in general, we were able to buy up thousands of Beanies a week at .50 and 1.00 prices. People were disappointed beyond belief, but they knew that was a better deal than they could get most places and went for it. We also had a few counterfeits come in, which was pretty amusing. We could always successfully detect them but they were pretty good mimics. The denial of their lack of present value was so great for a few customers they almost got a coronary and refused to sell them to us, only to come back within a few days looking defeated. I felt bad, but then again, what did you expect buying these mass-produced plain jane wannabes? They are so small, you can't even cuddle with them! If this was your nest egg, this is what marketing brainwashing will get you!

So, I ask you again, why did you buy these again??!!

We just don't get it, y'all.

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