Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beware of fake interviews...

Since the death of Michael Jackson, there have been several fake interviews published supposedly from those closest to him. Debbie Rowe and his children's nanny Grace Rwaramba have confirmed that their 'interviews' were fake. I urge readers to be vigilant of such attempts and to exercise common sense prior to making judgments or assumptions. None of these 'interviews' have been officially confirmed and are all coming from British tabloids with reputations for creating falsehoods just as US tabloids do.

The likelihood of these being real are slim, The Jacksons hate the tabloids and always have, of all the news sources they could interview with (and they all want them right now), why would they chose tabloids, nonetheless ones with zero credibility or foreign press when they could just jump right on headline news and do it?

Everyone is printing anything they can for money and ratings to momentarily cash in. No one is denying that there are indeed several people, celebrities, and media all cashing in on Michael Jackson after his death which is sad, but the credibility of many of these individuals is seriously lacking and many have suspect motivations if they are chosing to speak and come out now after this tragedy. There was a former Jackson employee who worked at Neverland Ranch that made claims about seeing Michael taking heavy drugs. If there was any credibility to this story at all, this woman should have reported this to the authorities then, and not talked about it for her 15 seconds now. Personal responsibility and accountability are a reality to media and consumers alike. I remember when people just accepted tabloids as a joke, now they are being printed as a fact. Sad and the implications are disturbing. This is why PopSpiracy was created, to continue inform the public about discrepancies of fact and fiction. This blog is not a Michael Jackson blog, it addresses numerous media inaccuracies on various topics and new articles are to come on countless topics as has occured in the past. The current media fixation and a large number of lies have been printed the past few weeks so we are keeping track of them and reporting back and clearing the air where possible.

Interviews that are confirmed with the Jackson family include Joe Jackson who did indeed do an interview with ABC released this week. He has continued to do smaller interviews since Michael's death, including the repeated attempts at promoting his new record company. Jermaine Jackson also did interviews with Larry King prior to the memorial service.

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