Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Return of the Jon & Kate Plus 8 Thread

Yes, you knew a follow-up post was in order. I hope this has proven to all of you that PopSpiracy knows it's shizzle! Prior to any of this Kate-and-the-bodyguard nonsense and tabloid frenzy that has ensued, I warned you about these sneaky devils.

So here is the latest on the Gelflings Gosselins.

Apparently, Kate has sought refuge in the arms of her bodyguard while Jon is allowed to run around town and date women. The two have an open marriage, according to Kate's brother and his wife (Aunt Jodi). Now, in general, I don't believe everything I read. Neither do you, and that's why you're here at PopSpiracy getting your fix. That said...

What on earth does Kate Gosselin need a bodyguard for??? Where is Jon's bodyguard?!

Jon needs more than that. Perhaps one day he'll grow a pair. Until then, I don't know how Kate can continue to claim that they aren't celebrities when they: a) have a hit TV show b) have no anonymity c) have bodyguards d) eat at five star celebrity restaurants when in LA e) Kate can afford hundreds of dollars a haircut and makeover constantly f) Jon bought a new sportscar.

Foolish Kate thinks she can control the world, as brilliantly evidenced when she started hurling insults at tabloids, not knowing that they CONTROL THE UNIVERSE and are now going to go after her with all they've got. Great job stirring up the hornet's nest, Kate. That might be the rule in your house, but your house is now public domain, thanks to the choices you two have made for your family.

Confucius (or whomever) says: NEVER bite the hand that feeds you.

That said... have any of you noticed the timing of all of this? How odd that all of this controversy has to come right before the premiere of the next season of the show. Looks like the ratings of the show are in desperate need and the Gosselins are in hyperdrive trying to make sure the show doesn't get canceled. My guess is that the marriage already ended quite some time ago and they are just staying together to keep the money rolling in. When the show does get the plug pulled (and trust me, it will) there will be 8 multiples running around Pennsylvania with 2 unemployed parents. Brilliant strategy, J & K.

I am stunned by the sheep that continue to be blinded to the truth and defend these two. "You try having 8 kids!" or "They are just trying to provide for college..."

You are right. I don't have 8 kids. But I know people who are part of HUGE families, in which BOTH parents actually have to work and don't have the privilege of having their house and all of their possessions paid for by their own children. There are ways around this, and child exploitation is not it. Just ask OctoMom who is currently being sued by the state of Cali for trying to build a reality TV show around her multiples. The Gosselin kids sadly don't have the legal protection they deserve living out in PA. As for college... don't even kid yourself into thinking that there is going to be a cent left for those kids once they hit college age. Who knows what college in our country will look like 13 years from now anyway. If the landscape looks the same, BOOHOO - the Gosselin kids will have to work and get grants and scholarships or join public service or military life like everyone else in the same position. At the rate those two are spending, that money is going to be gone within five years.

Kate has also been arguing that her children "love" the camera crew and get excited when they come over. I have news for her, camera crews aren't family. She has managed to alienate her own family from her children's lives. Now, she has given them this "surrogate" family that is simply there for the purpose of money. The second that show ends (soon), those crews will be gone in a flash, and if there is any truth to the kids loving them, once again they will be deprived of even more social ties. Ye gads, imagine how traumatized these kids are going to grow up to be having everything of REAL value being ripped away from them and replaced by nonsense that won't bring them happiness or last another five years...

PopSpiracy says:

Jon & Kate = SUCK!

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